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Buy Zolpidem online. Nitrazepam belongs to a group of medicines called benzodiazepines.
Nitrazepam tablets may be used for the short term treatment of sleeplessness, which is severe, disabling or distressing, and when sleepiness during the day is acceptable…..


 What is Ambien/Zolpidem for sale used for?

buy Zolpidem tartrate online, or Ambien for sale as it is more commonly known, is a hypnotic sedative used for the treatment of insomnia. A person is said to suffer from insomnia if they experience problems falling asleep at night or remaining asleep during the night. This product is a highly effective treatment for insomnia on a short term basis and is in fact the most commonly prescribed sleeping medication in the USA. This FDA approved medication has an effective timespan of up to 8 hours and is available in either 5mg or 10 mg strength pills.

 What you need to know before taking buy Ambien / Zolpidem online

There are circumstances when caution should be used before taking Ambien and under some circumstances it may not be a suitable choice of treatment. A doctor will be able to fully advise you regarding your suitability to use this product as a treatment for sleeplessness. Seek medical advice if:
–    you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse
–    you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
–    suffering from a breathing condition such as emphysema, bronchitis or asthma
–    suffering from myasthenia gravis (a nerve disorder which causes muscle weakness)
–    allergic or sensitive to any ingredient contained in zolpidem tartrate
–    experiencing problems with depressionor any personality disorder
–    there is a history of kidney or liver disease
–    if elderly
–    you suffer from sleep apnea
Under rare circumstances some people may suffer adverse reactions arising from the use of Ambien. This may include breathing problems, swelling of the lips, face, throat and tongue, however, it must be stressed that these complications are extremely rare.  Ambien should not be taken continually for more than 4 weeks otherwise withdrawal symptoms may be experienced. These may include stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea and increased anxiety. After cessation of use, it is also possible to experience problems with sleeping. This is due to a condition called ‘rebound insomnia’ but this problem usually disappears within a day or two. If you have any concerns regarding any other conditions you may be experiencing, it is always advisable to consult your doctor. Only a medical professional can confirm whether Ambien is suitable or recommended for your use.

How to take Ambien / Zolpidem for sale online 

The usual recommended dosage of Ambien is one 10 mg tablet swallowed whole with water before bedtime. Do not chew the pills as this may result in too much of the medication being released at one time. There are circumstances when the recommended dose is 5 mg. People with impaired liver function or elderly patients may be more susceptible to the effects of this medication and so a dose of 5 mg before bedtime is more appropriate. This medication should not be taken by persons under the age of 18 years old.

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